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46th Ave Drive NE Bridge

5401 North

Albemarle Water Line Contract 1 and 2

Alpena Community College EPTC

Alpena Public Schools Projects

ARMC Emergency Dept Phase 1 to 5

ARMC Fire Alarm

Avery Square

B-C Equipment San Antonio

Benson Readiness Center

Blenhein Storm Drainage

Cabin Road Outfall

Cambridge Road Culvert Replacement

Carmeuse Cedarville Conveyor Boom

Carmeuse Cedarville L4 Conveyor

Carmeuse Cedarville Screenhouse

Carmeuse Cederville Stocking Bridge

Carmeuse E F Gallery

Carmeuse EFG Conveyor 2nd 4th floor

Carmeuse Screenhouse

Carmeuse Stacker 1 and 2 Conveyor Boom Replacement

Carmuese E F

Cedarville Calcite Bid

Charlevoix WWTP

Chippewa County Credit Union

Community Action

Continental Automotive Garage

EEO Review

Elledge WWTP

EM Johnson WTP

Emmet County Transfer Station

Federal City

Fontana Dam WTP

Glen Lake Media Center


H E Sacramento

Hammond Bay Biological Station

Henderson WRF

Highland Creek Relief

Houma LA

IBA US Toll Plaza

Interstates District Water & Sewer

Jackson County Bridge

Jordan River Fish Hatchery Raceway-Rearing



Lee County Project

Leesville Road Widening

Legacy Concord

Lynwood Lakes Water Sewer

Lynx Blue Line Extension Contract 17

Marquette General Accessibility and Finish Upgrades

McLaren Bay Regional Medical

MDOT Ramps Toll Booth Admin Bldg

Millennium One

Myer Park

Myrtle School Road

Nations Ford Elementary

NCDOT Rutherford 256

New Folder

New Maintenance & Garage

Newberry WWTP

Northeast Remote Operations Facility

Northwest Force Main Extension

Northwest Second Feed Waterline

Oakhurst Redevelopment

Ocean Isle Beach WWTP

Overlook at Campbell Station

Project 1025

Prosperity Ridge Road

Ramah Creek Sewer Interceptor

Ridge Drive NE Bridge Replacement

Rush Street Stormwater Repair

Rutherford 10152

Rutherford 10156

Rutherford County 12204

Sams Creek Interceptor


South Fork Improvements


Tellus DeVere


TJ Ellison WTP

UNC Campus infrastructure Roadway Improvements

University Club Commercial Center

USDA RD Water System Improvements